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Parents & Players-

We’re excited to welcome you to the 2023-24 Woodcliff Lake Boys & Girls REC Basketball Season. REC is geared towards players of all ages and skill level and is designed for the kids to have fun and learn at the same time. We encourage the parents to participate and support your children by coaching, working with them at home, or simply coming to the games to cheer them on. 

Below you will find some details regarding how the program is structured for each grade level and registration. Please note that the schedules are subject to change depending on the number of players that register. The season officially starts at the beginning of January, but we are aiming to have a session or two in December this year.


Please go to or register via this LINK.  The faster you register, the faster we can put teams together and have a chance to start the program in December vs January.  For those of you who have 3 or more children participating in the REC program at the same time, there will be discounts provided at registration. REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE ON 11/30/23.

Kindergarten – 1st Grade

·     1-hour weekly sessions on Saturdays @ Woodcliff Lake Middle School

Boys 10am

Girls 9am

·     Boys and girls are divided into separate teams

·     Sessions are typically run by outside coaches who focus primarily on skill development and rules of the game

·     1-2 parents per team are assigned to coach/assist with the 1-hour sessions (please volunteer)

·     Scrimmages will be played later in the season if the coaches determine its practical and beneficial for the players

·     Baskets are lowered to 8-8.5’

2nd Grade

·     1-hour weekly sessions on Saturdays between @ Dorchester Elementary School

Boys 9am or 10am

Girls 11am

·     Boys and girls are divided into separate teams

·     Sessions are typically run by outside coaches who focus primarily on skill development and rules of the game

·     1-2 parents per team are assigned to coach/assist with the 1-hour sessions (please volunteer)

·     Scrimmages will be introduced sooner than in K-1. Some games vs neighboring towns may be scheduled throughout the season to give kids exposure to competition and other players

·     Baskets are lowered to 8-8.5’


3rd & 4th Grade / 5t h & 6th Grade / 7th & 8th Grade

·     2 grades (i.e. 3rd and 4th) are combined when creating the teams, which are determined through a fair/even drafting process by the parent coaches

·     Boys

  • 2 practice/game sessions per week
  • 3rd/4th – Tuesdays 6/7/8pm, Saturdays 11/12/1pm @ Dorchester
  • 5th/6th – Tuesdays 6/7/8pm, Saturdays 12/1/2pm @ WCLMS
  • 7th/8th – Thursdays 6/7/8pm, Sundays 1/2/3pm @ WCLMS

·     Girls

  • 2 practice/game sessions per week
  • 3rd/4th – Thursdays 6/7/8pm, Saturdays 2/3/4pm @ Dorchester
  • 5th/6th – Wednesdays 6/7/8pm, Saturdays 2/3/4pm @ WCLMS
  • 7th/8th – Thursdays 6/7/8pm, Saturdays 4/5pm @ WCLMS

·     Games have referees, scorekeepers, etc. and culminate in an end of season tournament

·     Games vs neighboring towns will be added, pending approval from both town boards



During registration, you will be asked if you or your spouse/partner are willing to assist by coaching. We need everyone’s help to keep this program going, so we appreciate you volunteering.  We cannot begin the season until we’ve confirmed coaches for each team/grade.



·     Schedule - We are currently working on a start date. If we start in December, it will likely be weekends only and probably clinics. January will be the official start to the season right after the holiday break. 

·     Cost – The REC fee for each child is $195 (includes jersey)

·     Eligibility – All Travel players are required to participate in the REC program, unless also playing on the middle school team.





2nd Grade       TBD


3rd Grade      10/16    Monday           6:30 - 7:45pm     Dorchester 

3rd Grade      10/17    Tuesday          6:30 - 7:45pm     Dorchester 


4th Grade      10/16    Monday           8:00 - 9:15pm     Dorchester 

4th Grade      10/17    Tuesday          8:00 - 9:15pm     Dorchester 


5th Grade      10/12    Thursday         8:00 - 9:15pm     WCLMS

5th Grade      10/19    Thursday         6:30 - 7:45pm     WCLMS


6th Grade      10/11    Wednesday     8:00 - 9:15pm     WCLMS

6th Grade      10/19    Thursday         8:00 - 9:15pm     WCLMS       


7th Grade      10/12    Thursday         6:30 - 7:45pm     WCLMS 

7th Grade      10/18    Wednesday     6:30 - 7:45pm     WCLMS    


8th Grade      10/11    Wednesday     6:30 - 7:45pm     WCLMS

8th Grade      10/18    Wednesday     8:00 - 9:15pm     WCLMS



3/4th Grade   10/18    Wednesday     6:20 - 7:20pm     Dorchester 

3/4th Grade   10/25    Wednesday     6:20 - 7:20pm     Dorchester


5th Grade      10/18    Wednesday     7:25 - 8:25pm     Dorchester

5th Grade      10/25    Wednesday     7:25 - 8:25pm     Dorchester


6th Grade      10/16    Monday           7:00 - 8:00pm     WCLMS 

6th Grade      10/23    Monday           7:00 - 8:00pm     WCLMS       


7th Grade      10/16    Monday           8:00 - 9:00pm     WCLMS 

7th Grade      10/23    Monday           8:00 - 9:00pm     WCLMS    


8th Grade      10/4      Wednesday     6:20 - 7:30pm     WCLMS

8th Grade      10/17    Tuesday     6:20 - 7:30pm     WCLMS


Boys and Girls Travel Website - BTBL

For full and accurate Travel schedules

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