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2018 - 2019 Rec Basketball Registration is Open!

Registration for the 2018-2019 Rec basketball season is now open.  Please click on the link below to sign in and begin the registration process.  If you are new to rec basketball please follow the steps to create an account. 

Any questions for 2nd - 8th-grade boys please reach out to  For K-1 boys and girls and for girls grades 2nd - 8th please contact 

Click on this link to register:


2018 Travel Basketball Tryouts

Travel Basketball Tryout registration is now open.  Tryouts are open for boys and girls in grades 3 - 8.  Tryout dates are listed below.  Please take note of your child's grade, date, time, and school location for tryouts.

Below are the Travel Tryout dates for boys and girls: 

Boys - 
3rd Grade:
Oct 19th 6;15 – 7;30 Dorchester school
Oct 23rd 6;15- 7;30  Dorchester school
4th Grade:
Oct 19th 7;45 - 9;00 Dorchester school
Oct 23rd 7;45- 9;00  Dorchester school
5th Grade:
Oct 15th 6;15 – 7;30  Woodcliff middle school
Oct 29th 6;15- 7;30  Woodcliff middle school
6th Grade:
Oct 16th 6;15- 7;30  Woodcliff middle school
Oct 22nd 6;15 – 7;30  Woodcliff middle school
7th Grade:
Oct 16th 7:45- 9;00  Woodcliff middle school
Oct 29th 7;45 -9;00  Woodcliff middle school
8th Grade: 
Oct 15th 7;45- 9;00 Woodcliff middle school
Oct 22nd 7;45- 9;00  Woodcliff middle school

If you have any questions please email:

Girls -

3/4th Grade:

Oct. 24th – 6-7pm Dorchester School
Oct. 30th – 7-8pm Woodcliff Middle School

5/6th Grade:

Oct. 24th – 7-8pm Dorchester School
Oct. 30th – 6-7pm Woodcliff Middle School

7th Grade:

Oct. 24th – 8-9pm Dorchester School
Oct. 30th – 8-9pm Woodcliff Middle School
If you have any questions please email:


Boys and Girls Travel Website - BTBL

For full and accurate Travel schedules

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